Acrylic/Aerosol/Vinyl/ on a 30 x 45 wooden panel.

from EvillDewer

Now on sale the official artwork for “Cerebrum Configurations”.

Artwork created by Wesley Reyes/EvillDewer for La Casa De Evill productions.

Limited edition only one peice per album will be available!

Also with purchase of Cerebrum Configurations you will also receive bonus physical disc with unreleased bonus material exclusive to painting along with A free digital download of all 12 volumes of the R.A.W. series via Bandcamp. Cerebrum Connfigurations Is the first Instrumental EP from the upcoming 12 part series titled “Relics of Archaic Winnisimmet” to be released Februrary 24th 2015.

ships out within 1 day
edition of 1 

  $399.99 USD or more